Treeline Tales. My website and blog. It got started a few years ago, on a rainy day. Autumn. Sitting behind my desk, I stared outside, away from the screen where ideas, research, and a ticking deadline had to be molded into text. Thoughts drifting away, like clouds, to a couple of months ago.

Timelapse – It was summer and I found myself in the hills and mountains again, properly dressed in winter clothing. Mid August, 8° C, rain, and strong wind. Feeling small yet at home in the endless woods of the north. My Nordic paradise with its rivers and lakes. With mosquitoes and snow. Wild places that touch the soul, wilderness areas that let you breathe. I simply love it.

A longing to be there, and the frustration I wasn’t at that very moment. Oh? But I could be there! A blog was born.


Treeline Tales. A blog, a website, reflecting my world, my thoughts, my Nordic focal point. An impressionistic view of Nordic outdoor life sprinkled with particular details and facts. Ideas, thoughts, experiences, and memories in words. This:

The scent of a dense forest on a rainy day. The silence of a minus 25 degrees winter’s night. The humming sound of a mosquito-filled summer breeze. The sudden weather changes, the magic of untouched nature reigned by its own rules only. Where the big sky is a landscape, and nature writes a book.

So, when I am not in the grand outdoors, it’s brought into existence again, through writing. Occasionally a subject is looked at in some depth, for it is in curiosity that we find the wish to know something. All in all, Treeline Tales is a bit like an insight guide to outdoor moments.


Marina - creator and owner Treeline Tales



Travel, hike, journey. And walk, watch, write. Setting off to the natural surroundings and wilderness places that are so appealing. Heading up north, to the hills and mountains, to the lakes, rivers, and the endless woods. When you love nature and enjoy the feeling of being part of it, one day you will end up finding yourself in a tent, waking up early in the morning by the murmuring sound of the nearby stream. Anyway, that’s my story.

And from there I also learned a lot along the way.  A trial and error story, with lots of mistakes…About clothing that will do a good job, the equipment you really need and basic skills to be mastered. The circumstances are sometimes funny, sometimes harsh. In other words: adapt, improvise and overcome. And keep the smile!





Wearing Hestra gloves on a cold Scandinavian day


Home is Amsterdam and Sweden (a tiny dot on the map, almost 62 north). Outdoor and nature enthusiast. Work: writer and editor (storytelling, content creation), consultant (strategy, legal), musician (voice). Degrees: law, musicology, which has nothing to do with nature, outdoor or adventure. Or perhaps it has. Because nature has its rules. And there is music to be heard everywhere and always.