This website is about nature, relating to its inviting presence – gripping, powerful, exciting and interesting. It’s easy to get involved, all one has to do is: go! When I am not in the grand outdoors, it’s brought  into existence again, through writing. Occasionally a subject is looked at in some depth, for it is in curiosity that we find the wish to know something. All in all, Treeline Tales is a bit like an insight guide to outdoor moments.


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Travel, hike, journey. And walk, watch, write. Setting off to the natural surroundings and wilderness places that are so appealing. Heading up north, to the hills and mountains, to the lakes, rivers and the endless woods. When you love nature and enjoy the feeling of being part of it, one day you will end up finding yourself in a tent, waking up early in the morning by the murmuring sound of the nearby stream. Anyway, that’s my story.

From that moment on, it will become rather difficult to enjoy a crowded beach. Luckily the same shore is deserted on cold, wet days…

And from there I also learned a lot along the way.  A trial and error story, lots of mistakes…About clothing that will do a good job, equipment you really need and basic skills to be mastered. The circumstances were sometimes funny, sometimes harsh. They have in common that the best and therefore only manner to deal with them, is to follow the principle: adapt, improvise and overcome. Keep smiling.

The best life is the good life, enjoyed somewhere out there. Second best is to plan your next hike – organizing and preparing can be fun as well. Like it, enjoy it, share it. The good life gets even better this way!




Wearing Hestra gloves on a cold Scandinavian day