One Pack To Go. Or, shorter, 1 Pack 2 Go. The idea behind these two words and two numbers is easy to understand. It comes down to this. Get yourself a good pack and choose the right equipment. Pack and go.


The idea behind 1pack2go



Back to basics means being aware of what you really need. Thirty backpacks? Twenty pairs of boots? Some people collect a sheer endless amount of stuff. I am guilty as well, at least a bit. Therefore, after having spent hours searching through all that outdoor gear, the result was one thought. Too many and too much. It’s obvious your travels in different climates, seasons, and various weather conditions need appropriate equipment and clothing. And yet somehow, less can be more and one way or the other – it all has to fit in that one pack….Time for a change, and that’s how the idea 1pack2go came to mind.

Knowing what you need, finding what you want, buying what you like.



Not all of what we possess will pass the test. So, be critical of the performance. Some tools work and others just don’t. The same goes for clothing and all the equipment used outdoors. Getting rid of poor-performing or otherwise mediocre gear can make you feel lighter.

There is a bonus in going for equipment, clothing, footwear, packs, and bags you like.  They add extra pleasure to the moments you’re using them.


Opting for real quality does pay off. You’ll need less, you’ll have to replace less often. Long term, there’s real money to be saved.


Yes, it also has to do with how we would like our legacy to be.  Being passionate about the outdoors, travel and adventure are closely connected with getting around there the sustainable way. How we behave and what we leave behind is of the essence. It all comes down to taking good care of what you love.

1pack2go – is a metaphor

It’s also about how we build our life. Life is a story, we travel a lot of roads to gather insights. Gradually, these are arranged in chapters. A book only you can write, yet, an inspirational source for fellow travelers.

“When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” (William Shakespeare, King Lear)


Standing directly next to the cradle is a pack. It is filled with miscellaneous items. Your background, character, genes. Carrying the pack along the way, new items are added – experiences, wishes, accomplishments, memories. And at times the pack with all its contents can be a burden, leaving the ‘why’ unanswered. Or, the opposite, crystal clear. Anyhow time for a change.

The urge to do something different, to decide, to improve yourself or conditions in your immediate surroundings. At this point, a brand-new pack is needed sometimes, which of course isn’t possible. The pack, that’s you. Nevertheless, a thorough clean-up can work miracles, throwing out what is not useful anymore, to be replaced by items that will work for the better. Get inspired by your own ingenuity to find new ways.

This approach has nothing to do with nihilism or cave-yearning. Because, in the end, it’s all a matter of common sense. Fuelled by a passion for nature, wilderness, and life. My outdoor credo.

Choose wisely, travel safely. And most of all, enjoy it.

pack, fireplace, axe for 1pack2go



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